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PM International Middle East First Business Academy Day for 2012

PM International Middle East held its first Business Academy Day for the year at the Carlton Tower Hotel in Dubai on February 10, 2012. The meeting started with prayers to the All Mighty and All Beneficial Allah led by Mr. Abdul Rahman Almahdi, who also recited a chapter from the Holy Quran. Dr. Wolfgang Schwertner, Chief Executive Officer of PM International Middle East kicked off the training day with a brief introduction to the company for the new members and a brief history and background of PM-International AG, with its head office in Speyer Germany. The evening was packed with intensive training on products and testimonials by top leaders from Germany and the United Arab Emirates. It was announced that Larry Thompson, who has gained the nick name of “The Architect of Wealth Building”, has joined PM-International AG. Larry is one of the co-founders of Herbalife International which he started with Mark Hughes over 11 years ago. Sales revenue to-date stand at over US$3 billion. He has over 40 years of work experience in direct sales and network marketing and is well known as the mentor to millionaires. Larry especially has experience with ground-floor/startup companies and has a broad background in maintaining the long life of direct sales organizations, growing them over time and maturing them till they are ready for public offerings. PM-International AG is lucky to have him on board as his timeless philosophy and teaching have revolutionized the direct sales industry. Mr. Dirk Theobald, is a trained electrician by profession, who worked at BASF for several years. He was unsatisfied with life, so when Mr. Rolf Sorg founded PM-International AG in 1993 he joined him. Initially he worked on his PMI business part-time and with hard work and perseverance, reached the high level he now enjoys. The path was well trodden but it has not been easy. By 2002 he was working full time in the business and was awarded with the high earning position of Gold President. In 2012, he had garnered 18,000 team partners worldwide. His wit, humor and friendly manner have endured him in many business circles and in many instances, have led to his success. This was truly a special Business Academy Day, and was graced with the best personalities in the network marketing field from PM-International AG. Next on the stage was none other than Dr. Tobias Kuehne who is on PMI`s Scientific Advisory Council. He presented new standards in the area of FitLine and shared his experience on using the products. FitLine products are manufactured under the GMP Standard, which is developed using the nutritional transport concept that aims at bioavailability of the nutrients contained within the relevant products. He shared knowledge and best use of the products. Restorate Sensitive is an ideal “night cap” made from a combination of minerals and vitamins and Basen Plus compliments restorate sensitive, acting as an alkaline buffer, with valuable calcium and magnesium for healthy bones and teeth.

He especially focused on weight management products. ProShape2fit Start Up Set and ProShape2fit Follow Up Set provide the nutrition of a full meal in a gourmet shake. Distributors with high rankings were recognized and they too gave their testimonies. Vice-Presidents who have attained more than 25,000 points were as follows: Mr. Abdulla Al Hamadi, Ms. Lorna Embalsado who is also the first female Vice President, Mr. Omer and Mr. R.K. one of the pioneering distributors of the business. Over 90 percent of the participants were new that made the event successful. There shall be another “Winter Leadership Meeting” to be held in Germany. Details on dates and who shall qualify to attend shall be released later on in the year.The event ended on a high note, with participants glad to have gained new insights and inspirations to build their business further.

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